Photo Holidays…hands-on tips to take better pictures

Learn how to take better pictures and (optional) produce a glossy coffee-table book in a week.

Take a great picture every time you use your camera; you can learn how to do this on a weeks photo holiday, guided by a professional photographer. It doesn’t matter what type of camera you have, if you can take better pictures to start with, you will spend much less time trying to improve them afterwards. No amount of Instagram filters or Photoshop adjustments can turn a bad picture into a good one.


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It doesn’t really matter what kind of device you have, all the pictures on this site were taken with a variety of devices including phones, compact cameras and a professional quality DSLR.

Get the best out of what you have.

We’ll show you how to get the best out of your device (as long as its digital) and take the pictures you want. We will show you how to tell a story with pictures and create a narrative of your holiday or any other event. Throughout the week we will build a collection of pictures to illustrate your unique take on our area and its features.

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We will also cover simple digital editing using free tools available for download or installed on your computer. Bring your own computer (WiFi capable) and work with a familiar machine and software. We can even offer advice on pictures you have already taken. We can supply a computer if you need one.

During the week we will create a coffee-table book using Blurb or other software of your choice. (optional)

One day photo workshops during your holiday

Turn your holiday into a photo holiday. One-day courses are normally available during a holiday-just ask. We will cover basic picture taking and visit somewhere interesting. You can practise your new skills and see the results immediately; an easy and fun way to improve your pictures. Ideally you will have a digital camera and a laptop but just a camera will do-basic techniques work on everything.

You’ll be staying in our Bed & Breakfast which has large comfortable suites and enjoying delicious evening meals.