Cycling Holiday in Alpe d’Huez

The climb up the 21 bends is a must on any cycling holiday in Alpe d’Huez. Its rightly a bucket list favourite, genuinely a challenge and yet accessible to everyone with the will to do it.

Perfect physical condition is not essential for a cycling holiday in Alpe d’Huez unless you are chasing a time. Marco Pantani did it in 38m 37s; how about you?

cyclists on holiday in Alpe d'Huez
You cycle hard, we keep you going.

How we help

What can we do to help you on your cycling holiday in Alpe d’Huez? We provide a comfortable place for you to prepare and recover from your rides. Our suites are big with plenty of space for you to organise your kit and equiment. Our food is prepared with cyclists in mind. You can stay for just a few days to compete in the various sportives like the Marmotte and the Vaujany or a couple of weeks to explore the regions incredible range of mountain climbs and impressive views.

If you have never climbed the 21 bends have a look at this video from The Col Collective.

Our guests average around 90 minutes cycling Alpe d’Huez though the best time a guest has recorded on his cycling holiday in Alpe d’Huez was 48m 30s. However the young man who achieved this does represent his country in cycling.

Its 13km of steep hairpin bends climb from the small town of Le Bourg d’Oisans to the ski resort of Alpe d’Huez, finishing opposite the open meadows that make it one of France’s premier ski resorts. Don’t be fooled by the tempting podium in the village, it might be right next to some nice bars and restaurants but the real finish, the one the Tour de France uses, is another 1.3km up the road. At least its all downhill to the bars and restaurants.

And cycling isn’t the only way of achieving the climb. In early June there is the “Alpe d’HuZes” charity event for Dutch cancer research. Participants mostly cycle up, the target is 6 ascents in one day, a vertical of 6726m, but they also run and walk up as they are able.

The best times shared by our guests:

  • Robert Rogers 48.30
  • Stephen Ralston 53.52
  • Mo Aljaber 57.44
  • A Sparks 1.00.28
  • Martin Rogers 1.01.00
  • Wilbert 1.02.00
  • William Asker 1.06.00 (aged 13)
  • “Big Al” 1.09.00
  • Jason Allen 1.10.00
  • Pete Jowsey 1.11.00
  • Mike Pollock 1.13.00
  • Samuel Haynes 1.15.00
  • Alex 1.22.00
  • Sarah HP 1.23.00
  • James Asker 1.26.00
  • Anne de Jong 1.28.00
  • Debbie Clark 1.31.00
  • Bill Haynes 1.34.00
  • Andrew Hartley 1.34.00
  • Bridget Hartley 1.41.00
  • Simon Hartley 1.41.00
  • David Cazalet 1.46.00
  • Martyn Bosman 1.58.00 (running)
  • Roger Haynes 2.15.00
  • Lianne van Mourik 2.37.00 (running)
  • Frieda de Boer 2.38.00
  • Andrea Haynes 2.59.00
  • Emma Ashford 2.59.00
  • Julia Cazalet 3.30.00