COVID 19 Cleaning

covid 19 policies
Covid-19 Cleaning

We are updating our COVID 19 cleaning methods to match the current recommendations.

In line with industry best practice, we are following the advice of the French Government, our local Prefecture and those of the WHO.

In addition to our usual high standards, we are paying particular attention to those parts of the property that are often touched.

This includes door handles, light switches, room keys and other hard surfaces.

The soft furnishings in the rooms will be steam cleaned and everything will be thoroughly disinfected.

We are also installing hand sanitisers at the entrance of the building. Hand soap is always provided in the rooms.

The garage, which is used for cycle storage in the summer, will also be included in our COVID 19 cleaning.

For this summer we are closing the communal areas. The lounge and the dining room will be closed until we receive advice that it is acceptable for people to be in close proximity.

This will probably be when restaurants and bars are allowed to open as normal.

Until then, all meals, breakfast, and evening meals, will be served in your room. All the usual choices and standards will be maintained.

We’ll deliver a tray with your meal on it and pick up the tray later.


Spring is coming to Oz

spring is coming to oz

Spring is coming to Oz Station at last after a long winter season.

On the high mountains, the snow is receding and giving way to the hardy plants that flourish in the summer.

In Oz Station, the old brown grass is growing back green on the pistes and hedgerows. The trees are showing new leaves and the forest floor is becoming carpeted in flowers.

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Foraging for Jack by the Hedge

jack by the hedge
Jack by the Hedge grows prolifically in our area of France

Foraging for Jack by the Hedge is considerably easier than we thought. Unlike some wild plants, it grows in abundance in our part of France.

Also called Penny Hedge, Poor Man’s Mustard, Garlic Root, or Garlic Mustard, Alliaria Petiolata is a biennial belonging to the cabbage family.

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A Room With a View

a room with a view
The view from our house in the summer.

We don’t just have a room with a view, we have lots.

Each of our spacious suites has a fabulous view of the mountains. From sunrise to sunset they provide a dramatic backdrop to your holiday.

So, we have a room with a view but what else do we offer you?

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Mountain Huts Summer 2020

mountain huts
The Refuge du Goleon near La Grave.

This could be the first time since WW2 that there will be no mountain huts open in the summer.

For anyone planning even a day walk, this will have consequences. Lots of one-day walks are to a refuge to have lunch and then return. Now people will have to take extra food and drink with them.

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Hot Cross Buns

hot cross buns to celebrate the end of lent in oz
Hot Cross Buns are usually eaten on Good Friday to celebrate the end of Lent. We are just getting in a bit of practice.

Hot Cross Buns will be familiar to everyone in England but perhaps a bit of a mystery to others in the English speaking world.

They are no more than a spicy bread roll but baked only at Easter. I’ll explain the name.

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Winter driving tips

winter driving tips clearing snow from car
Clearing the car of snow with a brush before you start driving is a top tip.

Winter driving conditions

Winter driving tips. Conditions can vary enormously on the drive from your home to the Alps; even from Grenoble airport to Le Château. Ideally your car should have winter tyres but if not, you should have chains.

Generally the Autoroutes are well maintained and clear of snow, as are the roads from Grenoble to Le Château. Access to our private car park is easy and well maintained.

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